The terms And Conditions Of This website

These terms of use lay down the terms and conditions under which you have our permission to use our website, which is, or any other sites that we hyperlink to. Use of our website covers browsing the site, storing an individual copy of it or making use of it in any way.

Importance of these terms and conditions

It is mandatory that you accept all of these terms and conditions if you are to make use of our website. If you cannot accept any of them your permission to use this website is withdrawn instantly. In this event you may not continue to browse this site, and must destroy any copies that you have of it.

Your acceptance of these terms and conditions

By continuing to make use of our website you automatically indicate to us that you accept these terms and conditions in their entirety.

Changes to these terms and conditions

We may change these terms and conditions at any time. Any changes will be incorporated into this document. It is your own responsibility to check this document at any subsequent visit in order to make sure that you still accept the current terms and conditions.

The purpose of this website

This website is designed to provide entertainment only to persons in the United Kingdom who have an interest in Toyota cars, or cars in general. It is not an information site and anything printed in this website cannot be relied upon to be accurate, relevant to any purpose, or up-to-date.

Your use of this website

By continuing to make use of this website you agree that you will treat all information in it as the personal opinion of the writer, and not accurate and reliable information. You further agree that you will not make any use whatsoever of any information in this website to assist you in making any business or personal decisions.

The relationship between the creators of this website and yourself

By virtue of the fact that no charges are made to access this website, and no other considerations are required, there is no formal relationship whatsoever between ourselves and any visitors. You accept that we are therefore under no obligation whatsoever to provide reliable and truthful information.

Yourself and websites that we link to

There may be one or more external websites that we carry links to. We do not endorse these websites or make any claims whatsoever that they are genuine sites run by ethical persons. You agree therefore that you visit these websites entirely at your own risk.

Security of our own website

The majority of the websites on the Internet are under constant attack by persons with criminal or malicious intent who wish to exploit them in order to distribute viruses or other harmful programs, or insert false or fraudulent information. These persons usually have access to the latest exploit programs and it is simply not possible for any owners of any websites on the Internet to guarantee 100 percent that their sites will not be compromised.

You agree therefore that you will not hold us responsible in any way if our website is compromised and you receive viral or other harmful software, or false, distressing or fraudulent information, as a result of visiting this website, and instead you will rely upon your own judgement and anti-viral software to keep yourself protected.

Copyright issues

We have prepared all text and images on this website ourselves and therefore we own the copyright to them. You agree that you will not make any use whatsoever of our copyrighted material, and that you will indemnify us for our full costs in enforcing our rights if you breach such copyright.

Third party use of our website

You may not pass any copy of our website to any other person without including a copy of these terms and conditions and our privacy policy. You agree to indemnify us for any costs that we suffer from should we have to enter into any negotiations or litigation with any third party who you have provided with an unauthorised copy of any part of our website.

Misuse of our website

You agree that you will not make any attempt to alter our website in any way or introduce viruses or any other form of harmful program. You also agree that you will reimburse us in full, together with adequate compensation, if you do in fact breach this particular condition. You accept that we will inform any and all appropriate law enforcement agencies and press for the maximum degree of prosecution of any persons who attempt to misuse our website.

Your agreement

By continuing to browse this website or make use of it in any way at all you agree that you automatically accept all the above terms and conditions, and agree to be bound by them.

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