Your Privacy

We believe that privacy is vital. This privacy policy spells out how we intend to protect yours.

What information do we collect?

We do not require our visitors to register for accounts or to provide any personal information whatsoever. However we are contacted from time to time by people who wish to comment about our website or even have a chat and they provided us with personal information such as their email addresses, their names and sometimes other information.

This is information which we term 'capable of personal identification'.

We do not use cookies on this website but we do get information from log files. These record pieces of information which are sent to us by your web browser. These pieces of information may include such factors as your Internet protocol address, browser type, the date and time of your visit, the pages you visited and minor matters such as the aperture size that you used to view our webpages. None of this information can be linked to any individual visitor and no visitor can be personally identified by it.

This is information which we term 'incapable of personal identification'.

How we store the information that we collect

Information which is capable of personal identification can only come straight to his us a direct result of an action by yourself. This information is stored on our computer systems.

Information which is incapable of personal identification comes to us automatically via our web server, and this is where it is stored.

How we use the information that we collect

Information which is capable of personal identification is used only for replying to queries or responding directly to visitors who have passed comments about our website.

Information which is incapable of personal identification is used by as to:
1) ensure that our website is operating correctly
2) help us decide on potential improvements to our website
3) analyse visits in order to maintain the effectiveness of our website
4) track and mitigate any abusive use of our website.

How we share information with other persons

We do not voluntarily share any information at all about our visitors to any other person. It may be that some time in the future we are legally obliged to do so in which case we will have no choice but to comply with our legal obligations. However this is an extremely unlikely possibility.

We will not transfer, sell, lease, or otherwise allow any other unauthorised person to access any of our data voluntarily.

Links to websites that may be of interest to you

Our website may include hyperlinks to websites that we feel may be of interest to our visitors. Whilst we are reasonably sure that the persons who operate these websites have strong privacy policies we make no guarantee of this and our privacy policy does not extend to these websites. You should therefore check each of their policies individually before making use of their websites.

Information security

Maintenance of our security systems is an ongoing project, since the Internet itself is changing so rapidly. We make every reasonable effort to ensure that our systems incorporate the latest security patches but it should always be borne in mind that the Internet itself is an extremely insecure medium.

Your control of your data

If we have any data about you which is capable of personal identification we shall happily delete it if you ask us to do so.

Questions about our privacy policy

The person responsible for creating and implementing our privacy policy is Brian Ross who can be contacted by using the information on our 'About' page.

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